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Your Guided Rental Services Company
Guided Rental Services Ltd is a real estate company that provides support to people getting ready to rent properties for short or long terms.

We help people who need homes or workplaces to find and rent spaces without hassle. We serve as escrow for setup and maintenance.

Here are a few tips to getting started:

  • Search our website for a property of your choice.
  • Reach out to us by filling the Reserve Property form.
  • Regarding your choice, we would send you details.
  • If you confirm it's the right fit, we would send you a bill.
  • When you pay this, we would help you prepare.
  • We can help you move, clean up and do more stuff!
About the Company
Our rules are simple. Our terms are straight! Just in case, here's what you should know before getting started.

  • We DO NOT fill any forms for people, you would fill all engagement forms directly with the property providers or landlords.
  • We DO NOT collect rent, neither do we provide escrow support for rent. We help you confirm that the property is worth it. You should pay when we do!
  • While we provide escrow support for contractors, it excludes the purchase of materials needed. You are responsible for buying the materials you need.
  • We charge agreed consultancy fees only! We DO NOT charge recurring fees for any of our services. Only quoted bills are included in our invoices.
  • We DO NOT have any preferred property to recommend. At best, we can help you find properties that match closest to your requirements.
  • We DO NOT own or posses properties on behalf of any realtor. We are consultants and our partners are independent contractors only.
Terms & Conditions
Guided Rental Services Ltd is one of the businesses of Mend Guard Limited.

Though we are a consulting company running independently, our strategic partners include:

  • Fix Dealer, a freelance platform that connects industrial workers to solve problems for people.
  • Secure by Fibre, the smartest way to buy property in Africa. The best choice for people with a low budget to become landlords and start collecting rent.
  • myPadi, an online off-campus hostel renting service for students & NYSC members in Nigeria.
  • LawPadi, an automated digital assistant that empowers people to make smarter and more confident legal decisions.
Strategic Partners
Our business process involves property search, review, preparation, onboarding and maintenance support services. Here's how:

  • Behind our property search forms and listings is a lot of work. Before listing properties or taking further steps, we conduct very serious due diligence.
  • When you submit a request for a property, we assign a contact to review and revert back to you in a bid to get a clear understanding of your requirements before taking next steps.
  • To get started, we send in the bill that covers our consultancy and your community membership fees for at least 1 year.
  • After payment, we take steps further to guide you towards providing prerequisites for your stay or work at the chosen property.
  • If you requested to move from one property to another, we would help you engage the moving company.
  • We help you settle in and remain standby to provide help through our partners. Should you need anything at this stage? We are just a call away!
Business Process

Why Us?

Here's what we offer

More Options

We provide options for the lowest and highest budget rental services in Nigeria.

Rather than letting you go through the difficulty of searching and sorting out rental with landlords or shared space providers, we help you take off the pain of setup and maintenance.

Our goal is to make sure you find your preferred property and ensure you live or work comfortably until you are ready to say goodbye.

Going somewhere? We're here to help you find your desired home or workplace.